Live preaching is planned to be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CST, which is 3:30 pm coordinated universal time. When live preaching is available, you should see an additional menu item in the Evening Light banner at the top of the preaching site as shown below:

If you do not see that symbol in the menu above and it is time for live preaching to be on, please refresh your browser or click the banner at the top of the preaching site to see if the "live" menu item shows up. May God bless you.

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id Title 5815 Category Preacher Location Date Min. Poor Audio
4879 A Perfect Man Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerOklahoma City OK 2018-03-2864 download
6056 A Perfect Man Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerOklahoma City OK 2018-03-2865 download
5697 A Spiritual Revelation Spiritual GrowthBob WilsonEnid 2019-02-1040 download
6471 A Teachable Spirit Spiritual GrowthPhillip GellenbeckGuthrie 2013-08-1145 download
4072 Arrested Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerWest Virginia 2016-10-0940 download
856 Attain The Resurrection Spiritual GrowthLeslie BusbeeGuthrie 2011-01-0151 download
4440 Back To the Basics Spiritual GrowthLarry AbbottFresno 2016-10-2667 download
320 Bearing Fruit Spiritual GrowthPhillip GellenbeckGuthrie 2010-01-0242 download
4690 Being Honest With Ourselves Coupled With Humility Spiritual GrowthRodney SmithShawnee OK 2017-11-1919 download
1785 Empty Spiritual GrowthLaDonna AdamsWest Virginia 2012-06-1846 download
3442 Follow On To Know The Lord Spiritual GrowthClinton DoolittleSpringfield OH 2015-08-0948 download
306 Fullness of Joy Spiritual GrowthStanley DicksonGuthrie 2006-07-1648 download
2435 Give The More Earnest Heed Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerLoranger 2013-07-0756 download
6675 God's Cause: An Introduction Spiritual GrowthJoseph GellenbeckSapulpa 2020-02-2652 download
6677 God's Cause: Bearing Fruit Spiritual GrowthJoseph GellenbeckSapulpa 2020-02-2857 download
6676 God's Cause: Preparation Spiritual GrowthJoseph GellenbeckSapulpa 2020-02-2752 download
6678 God's Cause: Seeking Understanding Spiritual GrowthJoseph GellenbeckSapulpa 2020-02-2955 download
6679 God's Cause: Showing Love Spiritual GrowthJoseph GellenbeckSapulpa 2020-03-0146 download
3952 Going Through the Process Spiritual GrowthJames BellMonark 2016-07-2041 download
274 Grace Spiritual GrowthChuck ElwellMonark 1990-07-2460 download
2516 Grow Up Spiritual GrowthSheri RichPacoima 2013-08-2164 download
248 Higher Living Spiritual GrowthOstis Wilson 0000-00-0030 download
750 Hunger After Righteousness Spiritual GrowthDarrell JohnsonDallas 2010-10-2449 download
3373 I Have Learned Spiritual GrowthMichael WilliamsonWest Virginia 2015-06-1740 download
4737 In an Even Place Spiritual GrowthMichael SmithGuthrie 2017-12-2637 download
6159 Interference Spiritual GrowthMichael SmithPrague OK 2019-10-0337 download
2483 Knowing the Lord Spiritual GrowthBeverly ReedDallas 2013-08-0460 download
1990 Mediocre Spiritual GrowthDanny AdamsLoranger 2012-11-2554 download
5808 Not Much Earth Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerOklahoma City OK 2019-04-1553 download
3954 Occupy Spiritual GrowthDanny AdamsMonark 2016-07-2151 download
805 Pulling Down Strongholds Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerLoranger 2010-11-2648 download
6652 Remember Spiritual GrowthMaxine BusbeeOklahoma City OK 2019-01-1950 download
4840 Ruts Spiritual GrowthClinton DoolittleWest Virginia 2018-03-0141 download
1674 Spiritual Knowledge Spiritual GrowthDarrell JohnsonDallas 2012-04-1546 download
1842 Spiritual Maturity Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerDallas 2010-10-0056 download
4738 Spiritual Maturity Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerGuthrie 2017-12-2752 download
249 Spiritual Power Spiritual GrowthOstis Wilson 0000-00-0033 download
4980 Spiritual Stability Spiritual GrowthIvan EckGuthrie 2018-05-2853 download
3582 Stagnation Spiritual GrowthClinton DoolittleWest Virginia 2016-01-1740 download
6456 Strive to be Spiritual Spiritual GrowthPhillip GellenbeckGuthrie 2013-04-2144 download
6664 Success Spiritual GrowthDarrell JohnsonSacramento CA 2020-02-1645 download
3449 Take My Yoke Spiritual GrowthAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-08-0950 download
3963 The Call of God! Spiritual GrowthCurtis WilliamsMonark 2016-07-2357 download
5215 The Gospel Seed Spiritual GrowthMichael WilliamsonLoranger 2018-08-2635 download
4085 The Increase of His Government Spiritual GrowthClinton DoolittleWest Virginia 2016-10-3058 download
1854 The Land of Promise Spiritual GrowthEugene ColeNeosho 2012-07-0851 download
2487 The Lord God of Elijah Spiritual GrowthDarrell JohnsonDallas 2013-08-1147 download
46 The Mind Spiritual GrowthWillie C. MurpheyMission Trail Radio 1975-09-0713 download
4024 The Parable Of The Fig Tree Spiritual GrowthLarry AbbottSpringfield OH 2016-09-1142 download
4387 The Post Modern Age Spiritual GrowthDanny AdamsGuthrie 2017-06-0376 download
4966 The Search for the Knowledge of God Spiritual GrowthAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2018-05-2634 download
2938 Through It All Spiritual GrowthEugene ColeNeosho 2014-09-2143 download
6204 Treasure Seekers Spiritual GrowthMaxine BusbeeOklahoma City OK 2019-09-2242 download
3459 What the World is Doing is Not Working Spiritual GrowthMarty ClevengerPrague OK 2015-09-1551 download
431 Where Is Our Focus? Spiritual GrowthDan DoolittleGuthrie 2010-05-1048 download
2188 Year in Review Spiritual GrowthDarrell JohnsonDallas 2012-12-3046 download