Live preaching is planned to be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am CST, which is 3:30 pm coordinated universal time.

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id Title 5893 Category Preacher Location Date Min. Poor Audio
1666 A Little Leaven Pt 4 SincerityMichael SmithSpringfield MO 2012-04-2233 download
1822 An Honest Heart SincerityDarrell JohnsonDallas 2012-02-1951 download
3312 As A Man Thinketh SincerityMarty ClevengerGuthrie 2015-05-2563 download
4118 Consider Your Own Heart SincerityMarty ClevengerOklahoma City OK 2016-10-2851 download
2433 Make Haste-Salvation Is Offered SincerityRodney SmithLoranger 2013-07-0642 download
6140 Pursuing the Truth SincerityMarty ClevengerSpringfield OH 2019-09-2253 download
3709 Reflections SincerityDanny AdamsWebb City 2016-03-2039 download
4430 Walk in Love SincerityMarty ClevengerLoranger 2017-07-0355 download
3250 Wholly follow and take the mountain! SincerityRodney SmithWebb City 2015-04-1238 download