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If you do not see that symbol in the menu above and it is time for live preaching to be on, please refresh your browser or click the banner at the top of the preaching site to see if the "live" menu item shows up. May God bless you.

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id Title 5867 Category Preacher Location Date Min. Poor Audio
5577 Jesus Lives In Me PowerAaron BrownPacoima 2018-04-0160 download
2509 Healing HealingAaron BrownPacoima 2013-08-2326 download
5120 Give Me This Mountain DeterminationAaron BrownPacoima 2017-08-0034 download
5578 Wait On The Lord PatienceAaron BrownPacoima 2018-03-2538 download
5741 The Just Shall Rise PerseveranceAaron BrowneDallas 2019-03-2461 download
2153 The Master AdmonitionAdolph RobinsonBakersfield 1991-08-0325 download
2178 Who Is Deceived? DeceptionAdolph RobinsonPacoima 1994-09-0240 download
2109 No Vacancy ChristmasAdriel BowmanPacoima 2000-12-2423 download
2172 Warning WarningAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-12-2759 download
2113 Patience PatienceAdriel BowmanPacoima 1999-03-2138 download
2067 Getting to Know God DedicationAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-09-2369 download
2106 Love the Lord With Everything You've Got ChallengeAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-10-0740 download
2085 Honor to Mothers MothersAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-05-1346 download
2093 I'm Glad I Counted the Cost AdmonitionAdriel BowmanPacoima 1987-12-2656 download
2088 How to Pray PrayerAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-12-2424 download
1641 A Package Deal Christian LivingAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-03-1142 download
2119 Prove ChallengeAdriel BowmanPacoima 1994-01-0956 download
2063 Forgiveness ForgivenessAdriel BowmanPacoima 2000-09-1045 download
1819 The Ten Commandments DoctrineAdriel BowmanFresno 2012-07-0156 download
2037 Beware of Hypocrisy WarningAdriel BowmanPacoima 1989-11-2734 download
2151 The Lord is Going to Have a Tried People AdmonitionAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-07-0146 download
2065 Fruit Bearing GrowthAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-12-2844 download
2134 Spiritual Blindness AdmonitionAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-08-0534 download
2157 The Ramifications of Sin SinAdriel BowmanPacoima 2001-04-1531 download
3934 Faith FaithAlen LaukertMonark 2016-07-1536 download
4438 I Am The Lord FathersAlice JohnsonFresno 2017-07-0274 download
6011 Kept BlessingsAlice JohnsonFresno 2019-06-2958 download
4442 The Real Thing NeedAlicia JohnsonFresno 2016-10-3036 download
6766 A Time For All Things SalvationAlvin LucasLos Angeles CA 1982-11-2862 download
2914 He Who Dwells In the Secret Place AssuranceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2014-08-1055 download
3734 What is My Danger WarningAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-04-1040 download
2595 At Thy Word Word of GodAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-11-0336 download
3449 Take My Yoke Spiritual GrowthAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-08-0950 download
4144 Chastening, Part 1 PurificationAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-12-1143 download
3617 Reasons to Rejoice EncouragementAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-02-0739 download
3488 Crucified with Christ The CrossAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-11-0857 download
3701 True Worshipers WorshipAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-03-1352 download
4150 Chastening, Part 2 HumilityAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-12-1839 download
3811 Defeating The Devil PerseveranceAngela GellenbeckVanceburg KY 2016-05-2056 download
4036 Indicted by Nineveh RepentanceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-09-2542 download
1489 The Christmas Story ChristAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2011-12-2333 download
2817 Bearing Fruit FruitAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2014-05-2555 download
4073 Fight for Your Family Spiritual WarfareAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-10-2457 download
3863 The Mirror of God's Word ExaminationAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-06-1228 download
4017 Jesus My Brother RelationshipAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-09-1149 download
1438 Grace Christian LivingAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 1997-12-2151 download
1841 Peace and Holiness, Part 2 HolinessAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2012-08-0568 download
2007 Judging - The Right Balance JudgmentAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2012-12-2479 download
4136 Woe to Them Who Go Down to Egypt TrustAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-12-0446 download
3809 In These Things I Delight Pleasing GodAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-05-2243 download
3568 God Is Not Dead EncouragementAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-12-2753 download
3877 My Father's God FathersAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-06-1944 download
1439 Except the Lord Build the House ChallengeAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2002-10-0650 download
40 A Servant's Heart ServiceAngela GellenbeckMonark 2009-07-1746 download
3110 Trust in the Lord TrustAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2014-12-2744 download
2648 Desire and Diligence for Destination DiligenceAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2013-12-2229 download
1840 Peace and Holiness, Part 1 HolinessAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2012-07-0866 download
2598 A Living Hope HopeAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-03-3160 download
2600 Our Part In Salvation Christian LivingAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-07-1464 download
2594 Repent RepentanceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-09-2956 download
4267 Grace to Help in Time of Need GraceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2017-03-1942 download
3451 Malachi 3:17 RelationshipAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-09-1341 download
1346 The Burning Bush Christian LivingAngela Gellenbeck 1995-10-0839 download
3646 After Victory, Be Vigilant WarningAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-02-1542 download
3480 God's Abundance ProvisionAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-10-2538 download
685 Discipline AdmonitionAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2010-06-1356 download
3527 Good Tidings SalvationAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-12-1346 download
2599 Wonderful Promises AssuranceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-06-3049 download
3530 Every High Thing Spiritual WarfareAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-12-2045 download
1237 Bitterness and Forgiveness ForgivenessAngela GellenbeckMonark 2011-07-1627 download
3283 The Meekness of Wisdom WisdomAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-05-1043 download
4053 Fear Not, Be Strong EncouragementAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-10-0933 download
273 Great Darkness WarningAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 1985-06-0936 download
2821 Discretion DiscretionAngela GellenbeckGuthrie 2014-05-2773 download
2601 I Will Lead Thee AssuranceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-09-0151 download
4189 The World vs. The Spirit Spiritual WarfareAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2017-01-1541 download
3249 The Slothful Servant ResponsibilityAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-04-1953 download
3979 A House Not Made With Hands Kingdom of GodAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-08-0748 download
4204 The Cup of Salvation ThanksgivingAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2017-01-2238 download
3502 Call Upon the Lord! PrayerAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-11-1545 download
4009 A Close Walk RelationshipAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-09-0435 download
1809 To the End FaithfulnessAngela GellenbeckMonark 2012-07-2736 download
2608 A Son's Privilege PrayerAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-11-1762 download
304 Enter into His Presence Christian LivingAngela GellenbeckMonark 2007-07-0052 download
2911 Suffer the Little Children Child TrainingAngela GellenbeckLoranger 2008-11-2977 download
3479 Time-Sensitive WarningAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-10-1837 download
2597 That Your Joy May Be Full JoyAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-10-1334 download
3481 Freely Give ConsecrationAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-11-0140 download
4224 Blessed are the Peacemakers Christian LivingAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2017-02-0556 download
4061 Him Only Shalt Thou Serve IdolatryAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-10-1649 download
3372 An Earthen Vessel Waiting on GodAngela GellenbeckWest Virginia 2015-06-1745 download
3411 What's Your Spiritual Location? ExaminationAngela GellenbeckMonark 2015-07-1952 download
3440 Perfect Love LoveAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-08-1644 download
117 Help Meet WivesAngela GellenbeckMonark 2006-07-0043 download
2702 Strengthen One Another ChallengeAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2014-01-1254 download
3965 Eternal Treasures PrioritiesAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-07-3148 download
3509 Faint Not EnduranceAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2015-11-2240 download
2300 To Steal, Kill, and Destroy WarningAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2013-04-0771 download
3708 Thy King Cometh Unto Thee Kingdom of GodAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-03-2059 download
4016 Truth in the Inward Parts IntegrityAngela GellenbeckJunction City KY 2016-08-1424 download